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A gathering of Women from North America
and the indigenous Women of Rapa Nui

Creating a sacred circle to channel and ground the Divine Feminine in
Easter Island
May 5-17, 2004

Prayer circle at the ancient ceremonial village of Orongo
Deep relaxation and meditation in lava caves,
Ana Tepahu and Ana Kai Tangata Ritual of celebration on Terevaka
(the highest peak on the island)

Ocean front, full moon gathering of drumming
and singing Daily sunrise prayer dance of PanEuRythmy
Workshops in the homes of local artists
Sisterhood with the tribal women of the island

Enjoy workshops in the homes of local artists
woodcarving, mahute weaving, jewelry making,
Rapa Nui cooking, Polynesian dancing
This is a unique opportunity to get to know Rapa Nui culture,
cultivating friendships with the tribal women of the island.

Experienced horsemen will safely escort us on a three day
horse tour of the island,

camping at night along the coast where the only sounds we will hear
are the wind and the ocean.

has answered our invitation to lead ceremony at several sites on the island.
A global community of sisters will join us in prayer on 5-11-04
as we create sacred circle in Tahai to manifest the end to domestic
violence in Rapa Nui and in all nations around the world.